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Jan 31 2018

2003 Acura MDX Transmission Failure: 10 Complaints

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Transmission Failure


  • Automatic transmission
  • 115,000 miles

Purchased a used 03 Acura MDX from a dealer on 4/22/11. I was driving the vehicle on a toll road (TX 121) and was traveling at around 65mph. Car started decelerating and would not go into gear. Almost had couple of accidents as there was no power to the drivetrain. Cars traveling behind me at 65mph+ were braking hard to avoid me.

Vehicle towed to a transmission shop and they advised that it was transmission failure. Called Acura customer care and contacted them also via Twitter. They pretended that they did not know of issues with transmission despite my research which points to numerous defects in their transmission. Acura indicated initial intent to consider compensate for the cost of transmission repair. After submitting all repair and towing details/invoices, Acura representative – Sergio Ramos (800-382-2238 ext. 115089) – indicates that he will not consider any reimbursement. When I asked for a manager or supervisor, Sergio indicated that there is nobody higher at the organization who can make the decision (which I do not find credible as Acura/Honda certainly has president’s and VPs listed on their website).

Acura manufactured and sold a vehicle that is known for faulty transmissions that have endangered my safety. I have tried working with Acura to amicably solve this issue to no avail.

Acura MDX is a potential hazard to public safety and potential deadly vehicle which Acura fails to acknowledge and fix.

think0011. Frisco, TX, USA

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