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Feb 12 2019

6 Kitchen Trends You May Overlook, Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2016, küche modern.

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6 Kitchen Trends You May Overlook, Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2016

Retractable kitchen design elements, space saving kitchen trends

There are modern kitchen design trends 2016 you may not noticed. Multifunctional and invisible designs improving the appeal of contemporary kitchens, extensive glass elements in modern kitchen design and advanced high-tech gadgets are wonderful kitchen trends for 2016 renovation.

Lushome shares modern kitchen design trends which you probably did not notice. They help to make modern kitchen design more contemporary, stylish and multifunctional. The kitchen stays the center of any family life and will never loose its importance.

Latest trends in decorating and modern kitchen design trends bring practicality and convenience into homes. Easy to clean surfaces, sleek design ideas and usage of natural materials are the modern kitchen design trends 2016. Multifunctional designs and artistic details add beauty to kitchen trends and help create personalized and unique kitchen interiors in 2016.

Modern kitchen design trends

Multifunctional and practical design combined with unique details and rich accents are the most important trends in modern kitchen design.

1.Thin kitchen countertops

Thin countertops look elegant in modern kitchen interiors. Demonstrating good resistance to moisture, shock and heat, slim countertop surfaces are one of modern kitchen design trends 2016.

Black and white kitchen cabinets with thin countertops and contemporary lighting

2. Sleek kitchen design and improved storage

Retractable handles of kitchen cabinets and minimalist style design are great kitchen trends that add grace to modern kitchen interiors. Metal details that protect kitchen cabinets allow to design beautiful, comfortable and modern kitchens that look great for many years. Versatile vertical storage spaces are one of the latest kitchen design trends.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets, simple and sleek kitchen design

3. Multifunctional kitchen furniture design

Multifunction kitchen furniture is one of the most convenient kitchen design trends in 2016. Space saving kitchen furniture sets are ideal for decorating small apartments and homes. Modern kitchen islands can serve as dining tables. Folding and retractable features make small kitchen designs neat and comfortable.

Retractable kitchen design elements, space saving kitchen trends

Modern kitchen backsplash designs and cabinets drawers feature contemporary stands for smartphones and tablets, additional outlets and storage spaces which improve modern kitchen design and bring high tech vibe into kitchen interiors.

4. Decorating with glass and metal

The glass surfaces are one of the spectacular, impressive and modern kitchen design trends in 2016. Instead of bulky wooden kitchen cabinets, glass brings more light and chic into modern kitchen interiors. Glass kitchen cabinets look weightless, providing durable and pleasing to the eye designs. Tempered frosted glass surfaces enrich modern kitchen backsplash designs adding spaciousness and airy feel to kitchen interiors. Metal pendant lamps look beautiful with contemporary kitchen appliances.

Glass kitchen cabinets in contemporary style, black and white kitchen design

5. Retractable energy-efficient kitchen hoods

Retractable and compact kitchen hoods leave more free space in kitchen interiors and offer ideal design solutions for kitchen islands with stoves. Built-in, invisible and efficient, the contemporary extractor hoods and filters are functional, space saving and attractive kitchen trends 2016.

High tech kitchen appliances, advanced built-in kitchen hoods

6. Neutral kitchen colors of natural materials with bright accents

Natural kitchen colors, especially soft whites, light and dark brown colors of natural wood, light gray color tones of natural stone or concrete, black and white decorating ideas, combined with accents in rich hues are modern kitchen trends for 2016. Modern wall tile designs add lots of rich colors to modern kitchen design. Copper and stainless steel bring shine and chic into modern kitchen interiors, blending the industrial feel with nostalgic classics into modern kitchen design trends 2016.

Glass, tile designs, neutral colors with bright accents, modern kitchen design trends

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