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Apr 7 2019

Bachelor Degrees in Communication

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Bachelor Degrees in Communication, REMMONT.COM

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Journalism Careers

Bachelor Degrees in Communication

Career Options with This Degree

With a bachelor s degree in communication, a number of career opportunities are available. Every major corporation in the world hires people to work in this field. and some of the job tasks students could do include serving as customer support or public relations, writing speeches or press releases, responding to emails, building community through social networking sites, directing commercials, developing marketing campaigns, and more. Larger companies and government communications departments hire entire teams to work in their communications departments, while smaller companies tend to hire just one person.

Average Salary of Degree Holders

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, media and communications workers earned a mean annual wage of $52,550 in May 2011, and depending on experience, job title, employer, and other factors, you might earn more. Some of the most common entry-level job duties could include doing basic office tasks for a company s communication department. As students gain experience, they can climb the corporate ladder to work in management roles or technical roles, which are both areas that command higher salaries. Keep in mind that location also plays a role in salary. Students find more jobs and are offered higher salaries in major metropolitan areas, in most cases.

Coursework Required to Obtain This Degree

During college, the courses students take as part of a bachelor s degree in communication are heavy in areas such as writing, technology, and business. In addition, most colleges offering communications degrees take a liberal arts approach to education, so students have to take core courses in areas such as math, science, and the arts to get a well-rounded education.

At many colleges, communications have the opportunity to choose a concentration or minor, which can help students focus their education in one area, such as writing or television. This is a great way to learn advanced skills in a certain area so students can find a higher-level (and better paying) job after graduation.

Sponsored Journalism Schools and Degrees

Full Sail University The MS in new media journalism from Full Sail University allows journalists to keep their skills sharp all while meeting the demands required by today’s media consumers. The degree program combines traditional methods of journalism with emerging technology. You’ll learn how to produce multimedia content, use social media to engage audiences and promote your work, and publish and distribute content across digital delivery platforms. Read more about Full Sail University.

Southern New Hampshire University Southern New Hampshire University offers a MA degree in communication that combines courses in communication with a solid foundation in the liberal arts. Graduates of this program will be prepared to enter careers in advertising, business writing, corporate communications, journalism, and more. Read more about Southern New Hampshire University.

Walden University Walden University offers a Master of Science degree in communication that combines communication theory with practical skills. This particular degree focuses on journalistic aspects of new media, including Web publishing, online video, podcasts, Web conferencing, and more. Assignments consist of exercises reflecting the material and interaction with other students taking the same course.

Grand Canyon University For the aspiring journalist, Grand Canyon University offers a BA in communications degree with three different specializations: digital film production, graphic design, and public relations. Students of the communications program are prepared to become leaders in the fields of media and communications.

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