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Apr 7 2019

Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software – 2017 Reviews

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Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software - 2017 Reviews, NEF2.COM

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Five9 Cloud Contact Center Software

Five9 is used by call centers around the world to manage inbound, outbound, blended or multi-channel contact centers.

It offers IVR with speech recognition, multi-channel ACD, predictive dialer and customer relationship management (CRM) integrations. It also features integrated workforce optimization capabilities and built-in call recording, agent scripting and quality monitoring components.

Most call centers can be up and running in a matter of days, since agents only need Internet-ready computers and headsets to get started. And, Five9 can adapt to your changing business needs (seasonal demands, remote agents, peak call times etc.) and will scale with your business as it grows.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic)

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Richard from Valenta Enterprises
Specialty: Consulting
Number of employees: 2-10 employees Employees number: 2-10 employees

Before we started using Five9, we used another well-known phone system. Our company grew and with it grew the challenges of effectively managing inbound calls, as well as tracking call outcomes. Five9 took our call center to another level. It’s not the cheapest system, but there’s a reason for that. It really helps you understand what’s going on in your call center; and, as a result, become better at managing your call flow.


Five9 will help you monitor calls and track your call volume. If you’re a call center, this system will help you receive calls more efficiently, track the outcome of calls, and improve your call center’s performance. It has excellent reporting features and it’s customizable to meet your company’s specific needs.


You need to know a little about the system before you can go in and change settings. It’s not as intuitive as some of the other basic systems, but then, it’s not a basic phone system. Five9 does not offer voicemail extensions. That’s not what it’s designed for. I do wish that we could get our phone extensions from them.

I use Five9 on a daily basis, and while it offers decent integration with other apps that we use, there are significant issues with the software. Most of the issues are tech-related and we’ve had to reach out multiple times to their support line. It allows us to tier our agents to ensure that our leads are not overworked.


Integration with ZenDesk makes things easy, allowing tickets to generate immediately after a call is closed out. The interface is relatively easy to use and does not require a separate window with the configuration we have enabled. Call quality is pretty good.


The Java integration is pretty rough at times. Occasionally it will have a “brain fart” and require an entire computer restart, which is super inconvenient. Other times it will drop a call or restart the station for no apparent reason. They do offer a new integration that does not use Java, but that requires the entire team switch over to the new version, plus a price bump. Also, if volume is heavy it tends to degrade the quality of calls and enhance the previously mentioned issues with the software.

Likes Best

Easy to use, support was very helpful. The provided a free try and answered a lot of questions. I really like the system. One of the keys you Need to consider is the head set you use. Find a good wireless one that works well. My staff seems to like to roam when they talk and I’ve seen they wonder all around, including me.

Likes Least

Limited CRM. Their solution is that you buy Sales Force, which maybe a good idea. One of the limiting factors is to send emails to,customers while your talking to them, to send an email you have to end the call. Would be great if you could send email while talking and have an API to MailChimp or others.


Worked well during the trial, if you like it get it. Going to,look at a few others before we make a strategic decision

Likes Least

Constantly, multiple times a day, I have to help get associates logged on. I probably spend 1-2 hours a day trouble shooting Five9 issues. The 2-4 week lag between Java updates and Five9 supporting them can create a lot of trouble for our team. Pulling calls for QA purposes is an absolute pain, pretty tedious.


It’s a great product when it’s working. Getting it to work can often be a hassle.

Likes Least

The simple fact that they’ve built their entire system on an almost wholly obsolete plugin (Java). It doesn’t run natively in most browsers (we use Chrome at work), so a desktop client has to be installed which plugs back in to a chrome tab. Unfortunately, this is plagued with constant crashes, timeouts, and so on. Worse still is that there is usually not any error messaging to indicate this, and it still appears to be functional within our Zendesk tabs.


While the product generally works okay, I would suggest comparing with similar options on the marketplace for a more robust desktop client or something built on HTML5.

The tool itself is very helpful in how dynamic the options are when on a call with a customer. There isn’t anything the software can’t do that I would need.

Likes Least

It seems Five9 needs reinstalled often. Also, the lag in being Java compatible with any new updates seems to cause friction with many computers when that releases. Also, agents do get “kicked off” often without knowing it. It seems hard to predict those type of nuances. Also, it would be nice to have an account manager to reach out to when these issues happened.


Make sure you have an in-house tech person to help troubleshoot the issues that pop up, sometimes consistently.

Five9’s robust integration with ZenDesk is one of the primary reasons we’ve brought them on as a voice solution. It’s been reliable as far as the integrity of our calls. Call recording and reporting are up to expectations. We’ve had some friction keeping our team updated with the correct version of Java required across the board. In general it’s a solid solution with an easy integration to Zendesk, giving our team a centralized home for serving customers.


Strong integration with ZenDesk

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