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Mar 6 2018

Online RN-BSN Program – Duquesne University

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Online RN-BSN Program

The RN-BSN Program enables the Registered Nurse with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) or a Diploma in Nursing to obtain the BSN Degree.

Program Details

  • Students can begin classes in the fall, spring, and summer.
  • The program is offered entirely online. Our courses are innovative, relevant, and student friendly.
  • Classes are 8 weeks in length. We will offer classes in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students may take 1 or more classes at a time.
  • Students may complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Students may take any of the required non-nursing courses either at Duquesne University or at another pre-approved University.
  • An orientation to the RN-BSN Program includes the online format, Blackboard, assignments, testing, tech support, faculty and advisor support
  • Curriculum includes two optional courses:
    Specialties in Professional Nursing: Seminar (3 cr.)
    Specialties in Professional Nursing: Practicum (3 cr.)

If you would like to learn more about our online programs, please visit

Program Overview and How to Apply

Financial Aid

Educational Partnership Program

The School of Nursing has partnered with UPMC Schools of Nursing to provide a seamless pathway for students to earn their BSN degree. Learn more.



New to Online Learning?

Read more about Online Education and how the classes function.

  1. Integrates clinical judgment skills when implementing care for individuals, families, groups, and community.
  • Analyzes one’s clinical judgment skills when implementing care for individuals, families, and groups.
  • Demonstrates clinical judgment skills when implementing care for individuals.
  • Explains the meaning of, necessity for, using clinical judgment skills in one’s professional role.
  1. Role models ethical, legal, and professional standards into one’s professional nursing practice when acting as a moral agent.
  • Engages in ethical decision making.
  • Practices within the ethical and legal framework of one’s profession.
  • Differentiates between the ethical and the legal aspects of one’s profession.
  1. Displays a caring attitude in all aspects of one’s practice .
  • Integrates caring into all aspects of one’s practice.
  • Initiates caring behaviors with self and others.
  • Expresses the importance of caring to professional practice.
  1. Institutes collaborative efforts for the improvement of care to individuals/families, and communities.
  • Engages in collaboration with others in planning and implementing care.
  • Describes the meaning of collaboration for the improvement of health care.
  • Identifies the meaning of collaborative care to one’s practice.
  1. Demonstrates the ability to utilize integrated systems analysis for personal and professional navigation of the health care delivery systems.
  • Examines the use of various strategies within the system that can be used to improve patient outcomes.
  • Explains how changes in the system can affect patient outcomes.
  • Identifies the meaning of a systems thinking approach.
  1. Integrates culturally congruent care in caring for individuals/families of diverse populations.
  • Implements care in a culturally sensitive manner with all persons.
  • Illustrates examples of culturally sensitive care.
  • Describes the meaning of cultural sensitivity.
  1. Engages in evidence based practice.
  • Interprets the research process methodology as it is related to sound practice.
  • Gives examples of research based practice.
  • Explains the meaning of clinical inquiry to a profession.
  1. Incorporates teaching/learning process into all aspects of one’s practice.
  • Engages in the development of teaching plans to promote the health of patients, groups, and communities.
  • Explains the teaching/learning process.
  • Discusses the relationship of teaching to health promotion.
  1. Participates in ongoing educational activities that enhance professional growth and improve health care.
  • Identifies extra-curricular opportunities to enhance professional development
  • Articulates the benefits of engagement in activities that support professional development
  • Utilizes best practices in improving the health of individuals, groups, and communities
  1. Utilizes evolving information technologies to enhance professional nursing practice.
  • Utilizes technology in academic and clinical settings
  • Participates in analysis of ethical considerations when using technology
  • Demonstrates competencies in the use of technology in the clinical setting
  1. Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing to all individuals and groups.
  • Incorporates major communication theories in all interactions.
  • Analyzes factors that promote/interfere with effective communication.
  • Examines the major principles of therapeutic communication.
  1. Uses leadership abilities to influence professional nursing practice.
  • Examine nursing leadership roles
  • Apply the principles of leadership in clinical environments
  • Participate in interprofessional collaboration to influence efficiency of healthcare services
  1. Evaluates the interrelationship of nurse competencies and the patient characteristics to patient outcomes.
  • Utilizes the unique strengths of the patient characteristics and the nurse competencies to affect patient outcomes.
  • Examines the interrelationship of nurse competencies and the patient characteristics to patient outcomes.
  • States the patient outcomes and the nurse competencies.

School of Nursing Conceptual Framework

The curriculum flows logically from the conceptual framework originally developed by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). The Synergy Model suggests that patient outcomes are enhanced when the nurses competencies are compatible with the characteristics or needs of the patient. When applied in the educational system, the center of attention for the model is the students and their learning. In the academic environment, developmental needs of the students are advanced when faculty competencies are aligned with the learning needs of nursing students. The competencies of the nurse identified in the model are those the faculty envisions as essential to the success of the nurses interventions. Underlying all of the nurses competencies is the unique contribution of nurses to provide safe passage for patients and their families through the health care environment. According to Curly (1998) these competencies are:

  • Clinical judgment clinical reasoning that underpins decision-making in clinical practice, includes the assessment of given patient care situations, and nursing skill.
  • Advocacy and moral agency representing the interests of the other and identifying and working to manage or explain ethical and clinical concerns. This dimension acknowledges the unique trust inherent in the nurse patient relationship.
  • Caring practices constellation of nursing activities that are responsive to the uniqueness of the patient, family, group and community and create therapeutic environment. Caring practices include: vigilance, engagement and responsiveness.
  • Facilitation of learning ability to use self to maximize patients learning.
  • Collaboration working with others to promote and encourage each person s contribution to achieving optimal goals for the patient. This includes intra and interdisciplinary work.
  • Systems thinking appreciating the care environment and the interrelationships within and across health care systems.
  • Response to diversity sensitive to recognize appreciate and incorporate differences between and among people along multiple dimensions in the provision of care.
  • Clinical inquiry process of questioning and evaluating practice, assessing evidence base of practice and innovating through research and learning.


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