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Mar 14 2019

Private Medical Insurance, Eduhealth, private medical insurance uk.

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Private Medical Insurance

Private medical insurance uk

Eduhealth Essentials Healthcare Scheme

Private medical insurance ukEduhealth Essentials from is a private health cover scheme uniquely costed and designed for those working in the education sector and their families. It aims to give you peace of mind that you will be able to access private medical treatment when you need it.

The Eduhealth Essentials scheme has been designed to cover you for the cost of care for all eligible treatment from recognised hospitals and providers.

It allows you and your family to choose where and when you want to be treated and even more importantly, by whom.

Eduhealth is totally portable. So whether you change school or retire, as long as you keep paying your premiums you will continue to enjoy the benefits of Eduhealth‘s discounted cover.

Working in the education sector is stressful and demanding enough without additional worries regarding your health. You can be treated at a centre of excellence at the time and place of your choosing, avoiding the additional stress and worry of waiting for treatment or an operation.

Private medical insurance uk

Reasons to take out cover:

If you are diagnosed with cancer Eduhealth’s ethos is simple, Eduhealth give members cover and support at every stage of their treatment, provide access to specialist cancer nurses, treatment at their unique network of specialist cancer centres, breakthrough cancer drugs and even care at home all to give you the best possible chance for recovery.

With breast cancer being the most common cancer in the UK, it’s reassuring to know that Eduhealth is the first and only insurer to develop a network of approved breast cancer units where members are cared for by specialist teams.

Eduhealth members can benefit from breakthrough drugs and treatments before they are widely available anywhere else.

Eduhealth members can be sure of a clean private hospital room. With hospital cleanliness cited as the top reason to have private health cover, Eduhealth offers invaluable peace of mind by giving you access to a clean private hospital room. Leading to a more comfortable and relaxed stay. Evidence shows that patients going into hospital for planned procedures have a lower risk of hospital acquired infections like MRSA when hospitals have appropriate infection control methods, including the use of single rooms.

If your cover is for your child Eduhealth will happily pay for a parent to stay with their hospitalised child under the age of 12, even if the parent is not a Eduhealth member.

Unlike other providers, Eduhealth is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and re-invests any surpluses into health and care for your benefit.

Eduhealth Health at hand offers free and confidential information and support to EduHealth members and their families. You now have access to an experienced team of health professionals including nurses, counsellors, midwives* and pharmacists* on hand 24 hours a day to answer your health questions. If you’re worried about any aspect of your health, or the health of any member of your family, you are only a phone call away from reassurance, information and advice

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